XR for Business

Augmented Reality

Computer-generated graphics overlaid on the physical world to promote a brand or support, train, guide a client.

Virtual Reality

Computer-simulated, 360-degree-view reality in a virtual world. Enabling clients to visit imaginary and real locations.

Mixed Reality

Merge real and virtual worlds allowing them to interact with each other in real time.


XR is changing the landscape in a number of industries 


Greater immersion will mean greater engagement, as XR advertising draws consumers more fully into the brand’s world. Build emotional connections that motivates consumers to buy from a brand.

Branded Games

Use XR and the influence of Games to reach a wider audience, enhance Brand Recognition and promote your Company and Brand image.

Interactive Gesture

XR allows you to interact with other worlds in ways never imagined. Use gestures and movements to engage customers while delivering ideas.


XR brings immersive experiences to the entertainment world, and offers consumers an opportunity to virtually experience live music and sporting events from the comfort of their VR headset.


XR makes it easy for shoppers to engage with products, try them on and purchase while also using social media for additional marketing reach.


Extended reality opens new avenues for training and education. People who work in high-risk conditions, like chemists and pilots, can train in safety from a more conventional classroom setting. Medical students, meanwhile, can get hands-on practice on virtual patients.

Real Estate

Virtual reality has the potential to save time and money for real estate preview, by visiting realty remotely. VR can also assist the sales of property under construction by creating stunning 3D real estate tours.


XR Assistants have opened new ways for brands to engage with consumers, offering immersive ways to interact with new products. XR can entertain visitors at your stand and answers their questions.


XR brings virtual 3D food on the table. Browse life-size Menu food item and indulge the customer.


See it to believe it. XR makes it easy to sell to client their future home or office space.


Instead of going to a physical showroom, bring the showroom to your personal space.


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