Virtual Events Are The Future, whether we like it or not

The events industry is changing. Going from expensive, hard to manage, physical events to more affordable, easy to manage, virtual events.

Have you hosted events that didn’t go so well? It was probably hard to find out why they didn’t work out, or how to improve your next event. Physical events create a sense of legitimacy, almost of extravagance, but it’s almost always superficial. If you’ve ever worked in the events industry, you’d know the ins and outs of making an event look more successful than it really was. Now that marketing collateral you’ve created makes it easier to invite more attendees for the next event, or so you think. You don’t need to spend your whole life in events to know that a small change or drawback can ruin everything. Enter: Virtual Events.

Stay Safe, go virtual events

Currently, as this is being written, there is an ongoing pandemic hitting the world on a global scale, referred to as COVID-19. That has brought an unexpected halt to most events, namely the Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE. At the moment, we’re informed that the event is to be moved to October this year.

In a world as volatile as ours, we can’t afford to let anything get in the way of the things we need to do, especially when they are our bread and butter.

So here come Virtual Events.

Virtual Events

How do Virtual Events work?

We won’t bother you with technical information, but to keep it as simple and non-jargony, Virtual Events are online events that can be hosted and attended from anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of Virtual Events?

Guest Safety

As a human race we are facing an international pandemic, wherein even going out of your house is detrimental to your health. You can’t expect your guest, staff, and everyone involved in your event to risk their lives for the event.

Cost Saving

It’s not an industry secret that physical events cost a lot of money, you need to pay for a venue, building the expo stands, food and beverage, electricity, not to mention the fact that people have to physically be in your area to attend your event. Hosting your event virtually is much less expensive, all you need to worry about is the hosting, servers, the platform, which, is MUCH cheaper than all of the aforementioned costs of a physical event.


Virtually, you can measure EVERYTHING. Behaviour, tracking every movement of the guest, who they speak to, and who they don’t. This information may be a lot to take in, but you can’t deny its importance. You can tailor your next events to work better for your ideal demographic.

We have an existing demo on our website, where you can have a feel for how it looks, it’s not 100% the way it would be in terms of the Virtual Event, but you’ll get an idea.

Link: Click Here


The Growth of AR VR Interactive Apps in Dubai

Interactive Apps on smartphones are one of the most powerful forms of advertising because users process information better when viewed or experienced. Wouldn’t you want to develop an app that would display your product/service and interact with the users? Augmented Reality can help!

With the use of AR in apps, an interaction is established between the user and the product/service. It uses the camera view to display augmented information or a 3D object in a specific place. Reality is being made extraordinary by bringing together the image of the real world and a computer-generated image.

With AR being used in practically every industry, from education, and travel, healthcare and business, it is crucial to offer it in as many variations as possible. And in today’s time, what better than an AR mobile application to attract your target audiences. AR apps are an amazing tool for marketing. They could be used as a virtual showroom, like the IKEA Place app, or location-based apps like the AR version of google maps that gives you additional information of the area you are in and what products, services and activities are available to you.

One of the most recent and successful examples of an AR-powered interactive app is the HoloGuide App which works as a personal tour guide by assisting you with the shortest routes to places of interest. The HoloGuide worked with the Step Conference 2020. Sophia, the 3D projected tour guide assisted visitors of the event to the nearest route leading to their areas and sections of interest within the event venue.

Creating your own AR Interactive App to display your product/service is a techstep to success. There are several ways in which it would benefit your business.

Improved User Experiences

With the AR app, more information about your business is being provided to the customer, allowing them the benefit of getting a look and feel of your product and then make an informed decision.

Great Marketing

Using an AR app and revamping the way your business is presented will generate enough attention to bring in new customers along with retaining existing customers.

Standing Out

Having an AR app as a way to present the services you offer will offer you an edge over your competitors. Customers will be more inclined to patronize a product that can give them a clearer and closer idea of the actual product as opposed to simple pamphlet information.

With our ability to bring together physical and virtual, traditional and digital, and maintain the human touch, we at Outreal XR want to work with you to design the most creative AR app experiences that will give your brand the X Factor it deserves to bring in higher sales.

Companies in Dubai Investing in AR VR for Interactive Event Technology

You are organizing an event. You want it to be a success. You want to create an amazing and lasting impression. Adopting the idea of INTERACTIVE EVENT TECHNOLOGY is your solution. Breakaway from the monotony of a regular event or presentation.

Interactive event technology is the idea of presenting your customers/visitors with a way to learn about your product/ service in a manner that is most convenient to them. Evolving technology is vastly modifying the space and concept of meetings and events, turning them into an area of a variety of digital activities for visitors to participate in. Inclusion of activities like live polling during a presentation, social media updates, video walls, charging stations, VR headsets, etc would benefit the outcome of the event.

Giving your visitors the AR experience will kickstart their imaginations and pique their interests. A great example is the HoloGuide app which worked with the Step Conference 2020. It engaged with visitors and guided them to areas they were interested in visiting, allowing them to visit more areas in a more organized fashion. It provided them with relevant information depending on the area they were in that would suit their preferences.

Technological intervention plays a crucial role, especially in the marketing of an event. With a surplus of data and activities available at all times, it is a competition to the last second to gain visitors’ attention. An extraordinary experience will ensure that you capture their attention and create a lasting impression. A good example of this was presented by Knit in an effort to promote Renault’s Dezir Electric car. They had organized a movement-activated light wall that was made up of ‘irises’ that would ‘open’ and ‘shut’ when people moved in front of it.

The core of interactive event technology is engagement. The activities should require visitor participation. Participants posting their in-event experiences on social media, would partially take care of social media marketing for the event.

Why is interactive event technology something you should be interested in?

Increased engagement

Participation in activities will not only capture the attention of visitors but also encourage them to get to know your product better and possibly even look forward to future events from you.

Measure the success of your event

An interactive event can tell you if it is a success in multiple ways. From turnout and event surveys to social media activity and event reviews.

Consistent Communication

Any event would require consistent communication from email marketing, and building excitement before & during the event, updating and following up after the event to inform about future events. Interactive event technology would take care of this communication.

An awe-inspiring interactive event would include the works – VR, Mixed Reality, elaborate lights and sound. Every aspect works to set the mood and pace of your event and encourage visitors to come back for the heft event. With our services ranging from extended reality and digital services to design services, we at Outreal XR have everything you need to make your event the success it deserves to be. Interactive event technology is the defining theme of events.

VR Companies in Dubai: Thinking Outside the Box

VR Company Dubai

When people talk about Dubai, they talk about innovation, style and diverse & successful businesses. It is one of the fastest developing cities in the world.  One of the most useful and flourishing innovations we, as a city, have adopted is Virtual Reality.

Using VR for marketing and promotions will allow the company to express a message to the specific audience they need to reach. There are a number of reasons why any company should consider looking at virtual reality as a way to promote and take their business to the next level.

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The Rise of Mixed Reality in Dubai

Mixed Reality Dubai

What is mixed reality? It is essentially a more flexible step ahead of Augmented Reality. It brings together the best of both, VR and AR, and takes it a notch higher, making it more interactive. It is a headset-based technology whose concept is to create an interaction between the headset, MR software and the cloud-based servers. It is famous for being the mastermind behind the 2016 Pokemon GO phenomenon. Some of the well-known MR headsets are Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap and Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

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Training Expo 2020 Staff using VR


From being just a video game tool to becoming a key instrument in every industry possible, virtual reality has evolved to become the key that opens the door to any simulated environment.

Over the time it has taken for Virtual Reality to gain popularity and extend its potential, the UAE has worked to incorporate every new VR development into every aspect of the country.

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Training Industrial Staff on Safety using VR

Virtual Reality is one technological innovation that has impacted the world with its rapidly advancing and increasingly immersive developments. It has the ability to not only shape the way people interact with each other but also with their environment.

With its fast-developing pace, it is creating its niche in the world of safety training as well. VR has been adapted and developed to include safety training in various situations ranging from training for situations like slips, trips and falls, to fire safety awareness, to harassment and bullying, or confined spaces.

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Implementing Virtual Worlds in Dubai

What are Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds are simulated computer-based environments that can be populated by many users who can create a personal avatar and, simultaneously and independently, explore the virtual world, participate in their activities and communicate with others.

These avatars can be textual, two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphic representations or live video avatars with auditory and tactile sensations. In general, virtual worlds allow multiple users, but single-player computer games, such as Skyrim, can also be considered a type of virtual world.

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