Virtual Events Are The Future, whether we like it or not

The events industry is changing. Going from expensive, hard to manage, physical events to more affordable, easy to manage, virtual events.

Have you hosted events that didn’t go so well? It was probably hard to find out why they didn’t work out, or how to improve your next event. Physical events create a sense of legitimacy, almost of extravagance, but it’s almost always superficial. If you’ve ever worked in the events industry, you’d know the ins and outs of making an event look more successful than it really was. Now that marketing collateral you’ve created makes it easier to invite more attendees for the next event, or so you think. You don’t need to spend your whole life in events to know that a small change or drawback can ruin everything. Enter: Virtual Events.

Stay Safe, go virtual events

Currently, as this is being written, there is an ongoing pandemic hitting the world on a global scale, referred to as COVID-19. That has brought an unexpected halt to most events, namely the Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE. At the moment, we’re informed that the event is to be moved to October this year.

In a world as volatile as ours, we can’t afford to let anything get in the way of the things we need to do, especially when they are our bread and butter.

So here come Virtual Events.

Virtual Events

How do Virtual Events work?

We won’t bother you with technical information, but to keep it as simple and non-jargony, Virtual Events are online events that can be hosted and attended from anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of Virtual Events?

Guest Safety

As a human race we are facing an international pandemic, wherein even going out of your house is detrimental to your health. You can’t expect your guest, staff, and everyone involved in your event to risk their lives for the event.

Cost Saving

It’s not an industry secret that physical events cost a lot of money, you need to pay for a venue, building the expo stands, food and beverage, electricity, not to mention the fact that people have to physically be in your area to attend your event. Hosting your event virtually is much less expensive, all you need to worry about is the hosting, servers, the platform, which, is MUCH cheaper than all of the aforementioned costs of a physical event.


Virtually, you can measure EVERYTHING. Behaviour, tracking every movement of the guest, who they speak to, and who they don’t. This information may be a lot to take in, but you can’t deny its importance. You can tailor your next events to work better for your ideal demographic.

We have an existing demo on our website, where you can have a feel for how it looks, it’s not 100% the way it would be in terms of the Virtual Event, but you’ll get an idea.

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