Implementing Virtual Worlds in Dubai

What are Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds are simulated computer-based environments that can be populated by many users who can create a personal avatar and, simultaneously and independently, explore the virtual world, participate in their activities and communicate with others.

These avatars can be textual, two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphic representations or live video avatars with auditory and tactile sensations. In general, virtual worlds allow multiple users, but single-player computer games, such as Skyrim, can also be considered a type of virtual world.

How did we get started to make the best virtual reality project in Dubai?

Humans are storytellers. During the time we have been communicating, we have been telling stories to record our history, educate our children, describe projects and entertain ourselves. It is believed that the ability to imagine events that occur in a separate place and at a separate time is exclusive to humans.

This is something that the ancient Greeks took great pride in. They were some of the first to begin experimenting with the use of 3D perspective in their visual art. The Roman naturalist, Pliny the Elder, wrote extensively about how visual illusions can deceive the mind, leading us to the world of a painting, in the first century.

Literature, visual art, theatre and cinema are nothing more than attempts to recreate fragments of reality. However, while they can be immersive, they are not (usually) interactive.

Virtual worlds and communities

Most of the virtual worlds we see today emerged through the constantly evolving video game industry, but not through academic experiments.

Instead of focusing on providing physical immersion experiences to players, game designers focused their attention on the content and experiences contained in their virtual worlds. Graphics and art have always been a critical component for immersive games, but this focus on content, experiences and communities led to rich and densely populated worlds that appeared from left to right, free from the restrictions of advancing hardware slowly. As an example, we experiencing this new Dubai mall virtual reality.

How does Outreal XR fit in, and how does it stand out?

Outreal XR is a Virtual Reality Company in Dubai. We are committed to helping provide rich and immersive 3D experiences. This has been one of the guiding principles when creating the SDK and Builder.

Although computer hardware remains an obstacle to building hyperrealistic 3D worlds, we can still create a strong sense of space through the use of style and aesthetics.

The return of low-poly art is a wonderful example of how we can create memorable and immersive spaces even with hardware limitations.

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