Training Expo 2020 Staff using VR


From being just a video game tool to becoming a key instrument in every industry possible, virtual reality has evolved to become the key that opens the door to any simulated environment.

Over the time it has taken for Virtual Reality to gain popularity and extend its potential, the UAE has worked to incorporate every new VR development into every aspect of the country.

VR has made its niche in the world of business by being adaptable to train employees in almost any industry from entertainment, retail, education to real estate and automotive.

With Expo2020 around the corner, the UAE is leaving no stone unturned to showcase their progress and wide incorporation of virtual reality which will be crucial to many presenters and organizers. The idea is to encourage people to step into an immersive 3D-setting of what each brand offers. Moreover, VR is being used to train the staff of Expo 2020 in various fields.

Customer Relations

In all companies, customer service etiquette is the main focal point. VR training will allow the team to practice various interactions from verbal communication to body language.

Maps and Guidance

The Expo2020 is one of the largest global gatherings and is known to have one of the largest built-up site areas. Knowing how to guide the people through the area will require trained staff. VR training with a simulation of the floor maps and shortest routes would most definitely be useful.

Real Estate

One single booth with simulations of various properties, street views and project plans – virtual tours of those properties would become the new time effective way to win over a larger number of clients in a shorter period of time.

The Dubai World 2020 Expo is a huge production. Every aspect, every pavilion, every turn of the site will require trained staff for a smooth flowing event. Applying VR in this situation will not only cut down the cost and the amount of time it takes to train each individual, but it will also allow each individual the freedom to train as many times as necessary to understand the task at hand.

Our team at Outreal XR has been and will continue to be proactive in creating the best VR simulations, training and experiences combined with the other services we offer from Extended Reality and Digital Solutions to expert Design Services.

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