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Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology-driven and innovative way by which you can enrich the world around you with creativity, knowledge, and inspiration. Unlike virtual reality technology, AR technology takes the viewer from their real-world surrounding and places them in an artificial environment. Backed by a team of creative designers and tech-savvy developers, we here at Outreal XR, seek to help businesses within Dubai and the UAE, conceive, design, and build an effective Augmented Reality campaign that is technically sound and aesthetically pleasing. As specialists in immersive and interactive technology, we always seek to push the boundaries of what is possible in augmented reality. In addition to our custom-built AR solutions such as HoloGuide and HoloMenu, we also develop bespoke AR-based products as per individual customer requirements.

Whether you are looking to set up an augmented reality marketing or advertising campaign, a stunning AR app, or curious about the potential of AR, we are here to make your vision a reality.


A custom-developed personal city guide designed to help its users discover key locations of note around them. As a product of Outreal XR, HoloGuide has been developed using the very latest in AR & AI technologies and features an animated character that speaks more than 10+ languages.



HoloMenu provides restaurants and cafes an opportunity to provide real-life experiences to their customers. As an augmented reality-based 3D food application, HoloMenu presents before diners’ life-size 3D images of the items on their menu. Customers can use their smartphones or tablets to view the digital representations of the food menu.

Initial Consultation

With any project inquiry, we start the process with an initial consultation, during which we'll understand your vision and objectives.

Concept Development

We'll verify the basic project concept, its feasibility, and an expected timeline for its completion.

Product Development

Our talented team of designers and developers shall work on the project and create a solution that will help you to achieve your

Support & Maintenance

We provide continued technical support and maintenance assistance to deliver an end-result of the highest possible value.

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