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Mixed Reality Dubai

As suggested by its name, Mixed Reality (MR) brings to you the best of both the virtual and augmented reality worlds. Mixed Reality technology not only adds simulated content to the real world, but it will also enable the viewer to become immersed in the virtual scenario.

At Outreal XR, we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading providers of interactive mixed reality solutions in Dubai. Backed by an experienced team of software designers and developers, we specialize in delivering hardware and content to craft secure, collaborative MR solutions designed to suit numerous applications. Not only is out mixed reality development service cost-effective, but our service is meant to help businesses innovate on their daily processes.

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Mixed Reality Training

With rapid advancements being made with respect to mixed reality-based technology, it has become prominent in various industrial environments. MR-based training programs have been proven to help improve the tactical, operational, and strategic skills of the trainees.

  • Mixed Reality Training
  • Product Research and Development

    At Outreal XR, we want to push the boundaries of MR development and create solutions that will help our clients achieve their business objectives. We provide our clients with a wide range of customization options and offer them a unique opportunity to tailor a product to their preferences.

  • Product Research and Development
  • MR Game Development

    We specialize in creating immersive mixed reality games that will not match your internal business requirements but shall also pull in players with exciting gameplay.

  • MR Game Development
    • MR Product Development Process

      Mixed Reality technology can change the way we work, learn, and collaborate.
      As experts in this domain, we seek to help our clients with this technology and identify the best use cases.

      Initial Consultation

      With a dedicated project consultant taking the lead from our side, we shall sit with you and understand what exactly you are hoping to achieve through this project. Once we get a clear picture, we will brainstorm a range of ideas and narrow them down to 2-3 of the best use cases.

      Concept Development

      Once we receive approval for the basic concept, we’ll proceed to create a storyboard and thereby bring the project to life. Here again, the storyboard and mock-ups shall be provided to the client for approval, and upon receiving approval, we’ll proceed to convert all the design elements into 3D content.

      Test Release

      After the project is signed off by our development team, our creative time takes over and crafts and end-product that is aesthetically pleasing. Once all the elements are in place, we shall test the end-product for its functionality, responsiveness, and usability. The final version is subsequently developed for release.

      Support & Maintenance

      Your partnership with Outreal XR does not end with the product being launched. We shall provide you with continued technical support and maintenance assistance to deliver an end-result of the highest possible value.

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