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Do you wish to generate leads and drive revenue through highly immersive communication experiences? Then, we here at Outreal XR can help with your requirements. As one of the leading virtual event planners in Dubai, we seek to push the boundaries of virtual events and thereby help our clients get the most out of their online events.

Developed using the very latest in AR and VR technology, our cutting-edge virtual event platform, HoloFair, will enable you to host events in a virtual environment designed to replicate the look, feel, and interactivity of traditional physical events. HoloFair not only presents itself as a virtual platform that is accessible and informative, but it will also act as an avenue through which you can build a community and measure every element of your conference or event strategy.

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What is Virtual Event?

By definition, virtual reality-based events can be termed as online
meetings that one can access from anywhere, provided they have an
internet connection. However, unlike video conferences, in virtual events,
your participants will be able to interact and communicate with each
other within a VR-powered environment.

Our purpose-built virtual event
management software in Dubai facilitates an environment that is enriched
by high-quality audio and visual feed and branded as per your event

Backed by a highly experienced team of professionals, we
seek to help our clients with the planning and execution of the session or
meeting and ensure that it runs without any hitch.


The HoloFair Difference

HoloFair has been developed to provide a virtual event experience that
will enhance your corporate brand value among your customers and
peers. Listed are some of the key benefits offered by our virtual reality
meeting platform:

● Can be customized and branded to match individual event
● Facilitates rich media webcasting and content delivery to all
audiences through PC, tablet, and smartphones.
● Can be integrated with social media tools.
● Comes equipped with useable event metrics.
● Round-the-clock customer support.

Benefits of Virtual Events and Meetings


By opting for virtual events over traditional ones, event planners can significantly cut down on the expenses required to pull off the event. As all the participants are meeting within a virtual environment, costs such as venue setup and takedown, hotels, meals, and travel, will become obsolete.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Enhance Engagement

    To ensure that your attendees are focused on your content, it is essential to keep them involved during the session by designing different engagement points. HoloFair enables event planners to mix rich content with live polling, Q&As, and other interactive elements.

  • Enhance Engagement
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility

    Virtual events present an opportunity for geographically dispersed delegates and attendees to participate in your event. Irrespective of their location in the real world, HoloFair presents an online environment where all attendees and exhibitors can communicate with ease.

  • Inclusivity and Accessibility
  • Measurable Results

    From knowing who exactly is attending your event to what they are watching, and which all pages they’ve visited, virtual event platforms can provide you with actionable metrics and data insights, using which hosts can measure the success of the event against pre-defined KPIs.

  • Measurable Results
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